E-planta – a Swedish quality assurance system for nursery plants

The trademark E-planta is the result of a system comprising product development, test cultivation, disease testing and marketing. The aim is to find hardy and healthy plants, with superior ornamental value, that can perform well in the long term in the hard Swedish climate. The work is done in collaboration between the largest nurseries, the Swedish Elite Plant Station and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

The plants are cultivated in different parts of the elongated country to evaluate hardiness and other qualities. The requirements for qualifying for the E-labeling are stringent. The selection of plants that will be marketed as E-planta, is done by a group of experts with representatives from research, nurseries and plant users, both professionals and private consumers.

Work with product development within the brand is mainly focused on solving problems for the plant users and to improve the assortment of Swedish nursery plants. Some varieties are protected by plant breeders rights (PBR) and trademark protection. These are subject to royalty fees.